ADU service in Highland Park

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are high in demand due to the shortages of house supply. With urbanization and industrialization, people search for urban dwellings. These needs can be fulfilled by constructing new ADUs.

It is important to remember that it yields an extra income. Now the questions are:

  • Who will provide the service?
  • And, how far the provider is credible to rely on?

Why should you hire VIRIDI?

At Viridi Construction, we have set the standard for constructing modern ADUs.

We have earned recognition for developing many mesmerizing Accessory Dwelling Units.

We have a wide range of construction technologies in this respect. From our extensive selection of ADU designs, you can select the one matching your budget and style. Be it the design or beauty of the ADU, our contractors will match up to your expectation.

There are many reasons clients prefer our service at Viridi Construction for Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles:

  • Decades of experience
  • Quick delivery depending on the design
  • Usage of the best construction materials
  • Inexplicable finish right from foundation to interior
  • Maintenance service

We take care of everything!

If you want us to accomplish your choice of ADU, book our affordable service. We are open to discussing whatever queries you want to clarify.

We will construct the ADU as per the provisions of the local government & city permits. As a result, you can use the valuable ADU for your personal use or give it for rent.

If you want to construct an ADU in Highland Park or anywhere else, we will use our expertise and integrate the right technologies. You will witness our high-quality work in the ADU with an alluring look.

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