Architect behind the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Making room…

If you are in a growing family, you need additional space to accommodate the new people. Otherwise, you can create additional space and give for rent to earn extra income.

Accessories do not necessarily stay in the same place at home forever. The position is changed either to give a new look to the home or attached as an extra space. You can change the position of an accessory dwelling unit as often as you want to. It is a kind of instant makeover for which the need for ADU arises.

Given the different facets of the house, you need an architect to build accessory dwelling units as and when required.

Here, the design of the space is important, and our competent architects supply this need at Viridi Construction Inc. for ADU design services in Los Feliz.

We get you!

We know how to make limited space exceptionally attractive to occupants!

  • Our architects give a perfect combination of conventional and modern settings in an accessory dwelling unit. The architecture is realized with creativity and design elements. We are able to meet clients’ specific needs such as budget, color, and materials, among others.
  • Our architects even understand what clients don’t say. We are experts in understanding the family mindset!
  • Our architects present several design options to choose from. Depending on whether the ADU is intended for rental or personal use, we will design and develop the ADU containing a comfortable environment. After all, our architects are the creative owners of your accessory dwelling unit.

We give clients informed choices!

If you want to add an extra room to your home containing the marvel of architecture, contact us at Viridi Construction Inc for Accessory Dwelling Unit.


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