Solar Panel Installers Atwater Village


With the energy consumption constantly recording higher units, its commercial use has always been the issue of power shortage. On top of it, there is an increase in peak power demand. Therefore, to overcome the issue of energy consumption, solar panel installation is the best viable option. As a renewable source of energy, solar comes cheaper than the power grid source. Commercial sectors better understand the benefits of solar panel energy. Thus, we get a lot of requests to install it as an alternative source of energy. Contact us at Viridi Construction for commercial solar panel systems Pacoima, we provide timely installation service. Our experts with their expertise carefully plan to harness maximum solar energy.

In order to install photovoltaic panels, the roof is the ideal place. Our expert conducts an initial inspection of the building before installation to select the ideal place on the building so that maximum energy can be tapped. If required, we will convert the roof into an array of solar panels. Installation is a complex task as it involves:

  • Scaffolding
  • Positioning the roof anchors
  • Attaching the frame
  • Installing PV panels
  • Wiring the panels

Nonetheless, we do the installation services diligently and deliver the task on time.Our service also encompasses repair and maintenance needs.