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HVAC systems are mostly used in industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.
The very purpose of using HVAC systems is to get due thermal comfort irrespective of the season. As the selection of HVAC systems is crucial we guide clients in selecting the right heating and cooling system based on climate, age of the building, and preference of occupants. Besides, we look into a lot of factors in selecting an HVAC system while guiding commercial clients:

  • Climate change
  • Building capacity
  • Spatial requirements
  • Capital cost
  • Operating cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Reliability

We also guide commercial clients in developing an HVAC based building. In a commercial setup, energy consumption always remains on a higher side, if the building is constructed based on green design, a lot of energy can be saved. With reduced electricity bills and a conducive environment to work in, the commercial entity can expect higher productivity. We develop the architectural design and are also into the construction of HVAC commercial buildings. This aspect is beneficial before the construction of a new building. Otherwise, if a commercial building is without proper architectural design from the perspective of thermal comfort, then HVAC system installation is highly essential. At Viridi Construction for heating and conditioning Woodland Hills, our HVAC experts discharge the responsibilities of installation, repair, and maintenance service 24×7. You can contact us for any issues related to HVAC systems. We would respond with adequate measures to address all of your HVAC issues.