East Los Angeles New Construction Homes


Viridi designs and develops commercial spaces that are home to modern businesses. We carefully craft the commercial building designs comprising functional and esthetic aspects that can inspire employees to enhance productivity. As a construction and architecture company, we create iconic structures for commercial clients. The highlights of our developing commercial properties could be categorized as:

  • Outstanding design
  • Spectacular views
  • Flexible floor plan
  • Landscaped terrace
  • Curated art program

Having the potential to incorporate all these categories into a commercial property, we can live up to your expectation of a designer commercial building. Catering to the needs of the booming commercial sector, Viridi construction Inc has been playing a significant role in delivering commercial real estate projects. Our company is a single point of contact to provide synchronized services such as planning, supervising, and monitoring the commercial projects right from the beginning to the end. The advantage of depending on our service is the fact that you can get your commercial projects done without relying on multi-point isolated services. By doing so, you will reduce the expenses involved in all the services. If you want to make the commercial property the most coveted business address, please contact us at Viridi Construction for a commercial roofing Reseda.