General Contractors in Atwater Village


A little preparation before starting a construction makes a big difference to a house. The reason, people become overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks involved and in decision making. For instance, when a customer has finalized the land he/she is required to meet an architect or structural engineer regarding design and drawing requirements. To meet these kinds of requirements, the expertise of a consultant is pertinent. The service of our consultant has gained significance as we provide requisite information on construction as expected by the clients. During consultancy, we provide an overview of construction specifying the pros and cons of a construction project.

Our consultants are endowed with fine communication thereby cover diverse areas in our consultancy service like:

    • Technological
    • Managerial
    • Construction science
    • Design
    • Contracting, etc.

Thus, our consultant acts as an interface between technology and business involved in
construction. Furthermore, we have guided many clients on their construction projects over the domains such as planning, estimating, scheduling, and contract administration among others. Our contractors at Viridi Construction work in tandem with architects, interior designers, and contractors. Consult our consultants at Viridi Construction for new home construction in North Hollywood if you want to execute construction projects successfully.