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Criteria for ADU on Multiple-Family Lots

ADU is a secondary residential unit. It is attached to the primary residence which in turn forms a complete and separate living space. It is a smart investment to build ADU. The reason, it enhances the property value and generates rental income. Moreover, it adds housing stock to urban places. The good news is: those looking to build SADU (Standard Accessory Dwelling Unit) can develop it in conjunction with the multi-family residence. We help clients in constructing ADU as per the provisions specified in the building code. Our architects at Viridi Construction for the accessory dwelling unit in San Fernando, develop the site plan citing the location of the principal residence. We also develop the floor plan of the principal residence for the clients along with the
proposed ADU. We follow the following criteria for constructing ADU on multiple-family lots:

  • Stick to 25% norms for the existing dwelling units for the conversion
  • Two detached SADU on a lot
  • The maximum size for the detached SADU is 850 square feet for one studio
  • The maximum size for the detached SADU is 1000 square feet for two or more bedroom units, etc.

Still, a lot of criteria are presented in this regard. If interested to construct cost effective ADUs, approach our experts at Viridi Construction for Anaheim accessory dwelling units.