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Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units are either attached or detached residential units. This unit remains subordinate to the principal and provides complete independence to the occupants. That is why ADUs are high in demand. It could be categorized as Standard Accessory Dwelling Units (SADU) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADU). Viridi Construction for Accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles taking into cognizance of demand for ADU shoulders the responsibility to construct it. We provide construction service for both single-family lots and multiple family lots. However, each one has its criteria to construct. If you require ADU on single-family lots, we will provide the same based on the following criteria:

  • Permission for JADU and SADU for lots with a single-family residence
  • Location of JADU within the existing residence
  • The permissible limit of 4ft. to attach and detach SADU
  • Separation of detached SADU on the same lot as per the Building and Fire code
  • No permission to exceed the height of the attached SADU
  • The maximum height for detached SADU is 16f

Based on the above criteria, we develop ADUs. Besides, we consider factors like size, parking, garage conversions, and building safety among others. Our service is to fulfill the aspirations of middle class families and to ensure a standard living space.