Home Remodeling Contractor in Pasadena

Customize House Design/Remodeling Service

Decking up interior space is a significant part of making a house. People want to give a professional touch to their sweet homes to create a pleasant environment. Each one wants to decorate the house to make it look more attractive as per their taste and preferred style. To meet this need, we have been providing custom house design services to residential clients. Viridi construction is a recognized source to give a touch of unobtrusive and subtle interiors to the flat or house. We have seasoned interior designers having experience in delivering custom design and remodeling services to several residential projects.

We look into each of the materials that come in handy in interior design such as false ceilings, wallpaper, and ceiling lights among others. Further, our remodeling service takes into account individual rooms matching the needs of the occupants. Generally, our designers opt for subdued colors and pleasant look marks for the interior, where hues like cream and beige are highly preferred. Nonetheless, our experts make upfront discussions with clients to address their choice of interior design. In this regard, we create several unique remodeling designs and present them to the clients to have their opinions. Our custom house design revolves around utility and esthetics as per feedback from our clients. Design pervades our lives and our interior designers’ imprint will add value to your interior. Be it a moderate house or posh commercial complex, the touch of our designers at Viridi Construction for ADU design services in Los Feliz will refresh your sensibilities.