Develop cost-effective ADU in Los Angeles

First things first…

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary home. It is developed either within the existing house or garage-like space is converted. The advantage of ADU is that it increases housing options.

In the urban centers, there is a high demand for housing units, especially for the single-family. Its affordability is the main reason for ADUs are highly sought after. It applies both to the renter and homeowner.

If you want to supplement your income, you can opt for ADU service by a professional agency.

We, at Viridi Construction, build Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles. We are the number one entity in developing ADUs. Our experts focus on the design specification of the ADU as required by the client. Later, it is developed.

Sounds great, is it expensive?

Our cost of developing ADU is very minimal. Mostly the charge we levy with regards to construction labor and materials. However, the biggest setback for most house owners is getting a loan to develop ADU. We understand the sentiments of consumers in this regard. That is why we provide loans and easy and flexible options to repay it.

If you want to themnvert your garage into an ADU, our architect will layout the design in compliance with the provisions of the government. In this case, we will stick to the following guidelines:

  • No addition of building square footage
  • Setbacks as per the zone
  • Design matching to the primary structure
  • Replacement parking
  • Utility connection

You can approach us at Viridi Construction for Accessory Dwelling Unit for detaching the ADU.


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