Garage Conversion

You can make some serious cash by converting your garage into a rental unit or building an additional unit to your house. Our homeowners are making money by renting out their recently converted garage at a $1, 600 per month or Airbnb to the tourist who comes to California every week. Take advantage of our zero out of pocket financing program.

Room additions services for new homeowners and growing families who plan on living in their home for a very long time. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a residential unit that can be detached or attached to an extra space of an individual home. ADU’s can provide additional space for a variety of things like earning extra rental income (Airbnb), additional space for caregivers, grown children, elderly parents, or renters or college students, guest house, or simply extending your living space. Additional room can be built over own garages. ADUs are rental units so that they can get additional household income up to $1,600 or more supplemental income.

Thanks to the new state law for homeowners over California, will be able with ease to build a second accessory dwelling onto their property by a law of Senate Bill (SB) No. 1069 that amended the State’s existing second unit law. By using this law, homeowners will be able to renovate their existing garage into an accessory dwelling conversion with efficiency and legitimately.

Adding an extra room can increase the value and worth of your home if there is additional space. You can profit from a room addition if you are selling your home. Every project is completely finished efficiently and smoothly with Viridi Construction, INC.