Do you want to convert an underutilized garage into an ADU?

A home or living space is the prime asset for many. It does not need to be a brick-and-mortar home, even a makeshift home makes sense. So, if the existing structure can be converted into an ADU, then why not the same for a garage?

Given the nature of the housing crisis, an ADU is the best option not only to supplement a cheap means but also to accommodate a big family. So, if you have an underutilized garage, contact an ADU consultancy service as we have.

Have you already met us?

At ADU architects Burbank, our experts provide all ADU-making solutions. Each ADU solution we provide is as per the ADU laws. Hence, you should not be concerned about how and the way to convert the garage.

  • We have experienced ADU contractors and skilled designers.
  • With our expertise, we’ll develop tailor-made ADU as per your need.
  • We take care of everything: from the layout to finish, everything would fall into place like a perfect home.
  • Also, we care about details: we emphasize natural light and windows positioned appropriately.

Overall, the aspects of esthetic and design will be in the right combination.

Our approach to constructing ADU is very minimalistic yet contains a superb look. It reflects you are getting an ADU at an affordable cost.

Are you considering converting your garage? Contact affordable ADU design services Silver Lake to make an initial site inspection.


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