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First Floor Addition

Do you need to upgrade your home and add a new floor to the existing structure? Then,you should opt for home addition services being provided at Viridi Construction Inc for first-floor additions of homes in Oxnard. Home is a great idea to accommodate more family members. However, it requires a lot of planning to enhance the living space vertically. We consider a lot of factors before the addition such as:

  • Impact on the structure
  • Develop a design
  • Floor space index, etc.

We have architects and contractors to inspect your structure in order to assess whether it can withstand pressure. It is done before construction because the addition of a new  floor adds more pressure and weight on the ground. Hence, a technical assessment is a must. Similarly, another factor that needs assessment is whether it is feasible to take a staircase to the upper floor. Once we are done with the inspection and if it is found that a first floor can be added, then we discuss with the clients regarding designing aspects. Our architects draft a design for the new floor which comprises extended outside space, ceiling height, and to maximize the flow of natural air and light.

Then the floor space index is taken into consideration because it has a certain permissible limit. We follow the rules of the land. If all the factors are accurate in the right perspective, then start the construction activity and deliver the task as per the agreement done with the client.