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Green Design Architect

In the parlance of architecture, designing a space is more than putting bricks and paints together. Architecture works better when the creativity of the architect reflects the needs of the user, i.e. homeowner or office user. From the perspective of green design, our architect has the potential to visualize concrete structures integrating energy, water, and air that pass the test of green building. In the green design, clients opt for using glass not only for decorative purposes but as a reflector of daylight. It helps in conserving energy inside the building which in turn helps with air conditioning. Our green design architects emphasize environmentally-friendly building with the following objectives:

  • Use of clean and renewable energy
  • Efficient use of water
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Healthy indoor air quality

Moreover, with our concept of green building, you can conserve energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Meet our green design architects at Viridi Construction for construction contractor Atwater village to discuss the budget, colors, and materials. Which will also include more green concepts such as:

  • Natural lighting in the building to save energy
  • Insulated walls and double glazed glass windows for reducing energy consumption
  • Green lawns around the building to improve the quality of air inside the building premises, etc.