Need a Luxury Home?
Need a Luxury Home?
September 8, 2020
Solar Panel Maintenance Service
Solar Panel Maintenance Service
October 22, 2020
Harness Solar Energy on Rooftop

There are numerous ways to harness solar energy. However, harnessing on the rooftop has been
popular for two valid reasons. One reason is low installation costs. Another reason is cost-saving benefits. The
solar panel is the primary source to be installed comprises of components such as:

● Assembly of photovoltaic cells, i.e. solar cells
● Inverter
● AC/DC switches
● Electrical conduit

We at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 provide solar panel installation services around
Woodland Hills to harness solar energy. Before installing, we assess certain things like
● Condition of the roof
● The slope of the roof
● Rate of consumption of the building

First, our experts assess the condition of the roof before installation. The reason for doing so is
that in case of an old or damaged roof, the installation will not last long. In this scenario, the
priority should be repairing the roof. We also provide a comprehensive roofing service, for
which you can also hire us for roofing repairs and replacements. Again, our experts assess
whether the roof has the requisite space to support the installation.

Second, the slope of the roof that is assessed to ascertain the efficiency of solar panels. The
slope is required to ensure the rainwater is drained properly. Further, if the roof can withstand the
pressure of the solar panel is assessed. When it comes to the rate of electricity consumption of
the building, it depends on the kinds of appliances and gadgets to be used by the occupants.
Therefore, our experts discuss the rate of consultation with the occupants and accordingly install
the right number of solar panels.