The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program is an energy efficiency-financing program developed by Renovate America in 2010. This program is one of the most popular financial options to help homeowners realize their goals of making their homes more energy efficient without spending a large amount of money. If you are eligible, the HERO Program will allow 100% financing of the cost to purchase and install eligible energy-saving products to your home in approved communities, specifically in California. Renovate America offer this innovative financing solution to property owners across California. Any property owner who lives in California can apply for HERO financing, which helps homeowners to increase efficiency, comfort, and savings.

The following benefits are offered through the HERO program:

  • Interest rates are tax deductible
  • Payments are conveniently made through the homeowners’ property taxes
  • 100% of the cost to purchase and installation of products are covered under HERO Program loan
  • Loans with fixed interest rates and flexible terms between 5 – 20 year period
  • Requires no credit score check or requirements.

HERO program is beneficial not only to the homeowners but to the economy.

HERO is easily approachable and affordable way for homeowners to get energy-saving improvements. For more details, or to apply to the HERO program for both residential and commercial energy improvements, please visit their website.