Need the Most Popular Bathroom Remodeling Option?
Need the Most Popular Bathroom Remodeling Option?
September 8, 2020
Need to Brighten-up Your Home?
Need to Brighten-up Your Home?
September 8, 2020
Looking for a Reliable Source to Construct New World-Class Homes?

Looking for new construction homes in South Pasadena? Approach Viridi Construction, a source known for offering elegantly designed properties. We aim to elevate your residential lifestyle to a new height. Comfort is the one aspect that we always pay attention to whenever we get a responsibility to construct a new home or property. We incorporate the necessary amenities required from the perspective of comfortable living. Based on your lifestyle, we will construct the property much to your comfort. For instance,in case  you require a private movie theatre or banquet hall or walking track in your premises, our contractors will oblige to construct these kinds of personal needs. We have delivered many residential projects with the epitome of luxury living.

We ensure every property gets fitted with proper windows and doors to get an unobtrusive view. Moreover, the indoor temperature is also maintained. Further, it is ensured that the newly developed house gets an expansive private patio. Every minute details of the property are well taken care of as expected by the occupants. Our approach is beyond world-class thereby include:

  • Marble flooring
  • Top-range kitchen appliances
  • Fixtures from the best brand
  • Functional rooms
  • Esthetic elements
  • Access-controlled elevator
  • Personal landing corridor
  • High-tech security system, etc.

New construction homes come with a budget. Contact our experts at Viridi Construction +1 (833) 484-7434 for new construction homes in Oxnard. We will offer flexible construction loans at a minimized rate of interest. Resultantly, you will not feel the burden to repay. We do quick approvals after going through your loan requirements. Even purchasing plots also, you can apply for a loan with our source. Feel free to send us your inquiries.