Looking to construct a secondary dwelling unit in Atwater Village?

An accessory dwelling unit, known as a secondary dwelling unit, is highly sought after due to constraints in housing supply. If you want to construct it, we will make it happen! We can make garage conversion, basement finishing, wing addition, etc.

What we offer…

  • Based on your need, we will develop the unit containing the entrance, kitchen, and bathroom facility among others.
  • We provide this service under affordable housing solutions at ADU architects Burbank.
  • We have a robust team to construct as per the specifications cited by clients.
  • By building an ADU, you could induce rent out of it or use it as multigenerational housing.

Besides, we have huge experience in developing ADUs. The outcome is of the most value for the owner. We have the requisite technical expertise to incorporate any special rule. Just you need to collaborate with us. We will explore a lot of magic in the run-up to constructing your version of ADU.

Is this dream even reachable?

Yes! Service charges are levied based on square feet. You can afford it as well as reliable and long-lasting property at your disposal.

Another beauty of our construction is that you can move ADU intact. Thus you can move locations. Yet enjoy the home surroundings. This reflects our experts having a broader vision of ADU architecture yielding many benefits.

In short, we construct affordable and sustainable ADUs, where you can engage with everyday life with all the comfort. If you have any concerns, let us know at affordable ADU design services Silver Lake. We will address it satisfying your needs.


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