Looking to construct an ADU Unit in Burbank?

Are you looking for a low-cost ADU unit? Do you want to overcome the issue of a housing shortage? We are the expert architects in Burbank!

Our company not only meets all these requirements but also constructs ADUs at a price you can afford. Our major concern is to meet the supply chain needs.

While constructing, new technologies are being implemented from the perspective of wood engineering. The design of the ADU is done in a manner to ensure proper air circulation. Thus, occupants feel comfortable like in any other housing unit. We have the right source and manpower to install the entire ADU structure even in one day.

How does this happen?

  1. Our experts will talk to you about the design aspect and accordingly the unit, it would be developed.
  2. We ensure accommodating photovoltaic panels which would lead to a low maintenance unit.
  3. We provide a lot of information on ADU units having various dimensions, spaces, and architecture. Pick the one as per your requirement.
  4. We carve out the spaces. All the amenities will be placed as per the trend so that you have comfort and luxury at the same time.
  5. Customize your ADUs to meet all your aspirations. Further, the quality and durability of ADU are the overall highlights you can expect from us.

For more information, you can have your words with our ADU experts at any time.

Meet our experts at Viridi Construction for affordable ADU design services in Silver Lake.


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