Looking for an ADU Developer
Are you looking for an ADU Developer?
October 22, 2020
Safe Painting Service
Safe Painting Service
October 22, 2020
Need a Dream Kitchen

Do Need a dream kitchen? Then, contact us at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 for kitchen designers, we will envision your dream kitchen. We have certified kitchen designers having specific qualifications and competency. We will create a beautiful kitchen while managing space optimally. Our designers look into aspects such as:

● Lighting
● Fixtures
● Cabinets
● Hardware, etc.

Our designers discuss with the residential clients the way they want to use the kitchen. It could be an overhaul to the existing kitchen or constructing a new kitchen. We have also architects to work with you regarding kitchen space management. The focus is given on the structure involving the modification of walls and ceilings including other structural components. We will remodel the kitchen, which is thoughtfully designed by our architects. It could be in the form of:

● Galley- arrangement of counters in two-facing lines
● L-shaped-arrangement of the counter in L shape to have more space and less traffic
● U-shaped- the arrangement is to take up three walls for more workspace
● Double work triangle- arrangement allowing multiple people to cook

We also look into the needs of the interior design of the kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling experts give so many options to clients such as traditional, modern, eclectic, rustic, and contemporary among others. These are briefed to clients and accordingly, a layout is developed once the client sicks to specific interior design. Our approach is to provide customized kitchen remodeling services based on the unique needs of a client. For further more information, contact our kitchen design experts at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377.