Need to Install Solar Power
Need to Install Solar Power?
November 23, 2020
Need an Affordable ADU
Do you need an Affordable ADU?
November 23, 2020
Need a Roof over your Rooftop

A roof over a rooftop sounds absurd but the reality is that it is the preference of many people. That is why it has drawn the attention of architects as we have at roofing service in North Hollywood. As per our observation, residential clients realize the advantage of having a roof over the rooftop. For instance, a light roof is installed over the terrace. This roof will protect the building from heat and rain like an umbrella. Another advantage is that algae will not come up. There will not be any kind of crack as well. We provide roofing service as per the needs of the clients. We will assist you in developing roofs that are very innovative. However, light material roofs are highly preferred in this type of requirement such as:

● Galvanized iron
● Aluminum
● Polyvinyl chloride
● Fiberglass
● Polypropylene, etc.

By having a roof of this material on your rooftop, you can protect yourself from the summer. Even you will get protection from intermittent rain. You can also prevent the roof from developing leakages. In many ways, roofs are protectors and form a barrier to natural forces like summer and rain. Constructing a roof on the existing rooftop is a small investment. Besides, in the long term, it provides structural integrity to the building. We have also converted terraces of the clients into shuttles for many clients. Similarly, space can be converted into a table tennis court. Inform us exactly what your requirements involve a roof. Contact our roofing experts at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 for roofing in Valley Glen.