Give your house a solar boost
Give your House a Solar Boost
January 11, 2021
Need Construction Management Service?
Need Construction Management Service?
January 11, 2021
Need Luxury Homes?

Luxury homes have taken the real estate residential reality by storm. Luxury homes are a niche and have been gaining prominence. Urban consumers mostly look for fashionable amenities and they can be seen only in luxury homes. Viridi Construction Inc (562) 285-3377 offers luxury feature homes having all the amenities and facilities. Are you willing to construct a new luxury home? The decision is yours; we have delivered luxury homes comprising:

● 24-hour security service
● CCTV monitoring
● Private elevators to come up from the secured underground parking
● Integrated entertainment system
● Laundry
● Theater, etc.

These kinds of facilities we are giving to big luxurious home projects. In case  you want customized luxurious homes, we will construct it as per your taste and to the comfort of your family members. It starts with a blueprint of the luxury home, i.e. architect develops the map while keeping cognizance of your specific amenities and the look of the home. Accordingly, the contractor will implement every element in detail as per your concept of a luxury home. We have already developed individual luxury homes for many clients with their specific amenities. Unitedly put, we have incorporated and constructed the following:

● Private dining rooms
● Private cinemas
● Health and fitness suite, etc.

Our constructed luxury homes draw the attention of the super-rich. If you are enthused by this kind of luxury home as briefed, then contact our contractors at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 for new construction homes in Eagle Rock. The luxury priority is yours; we are ready to give shape as per your luxury home requirement.