Reasons for high demand for Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

There is a growing demand for housing across the communities in the US. It can be attributed to factors such as demographics, economies, and community goals.

1. Demographics:

As far as demographics is concerned, it has been growing. People are living longer lives. Young adults need a house, married people as well. Yet, the reality is that housing stock is not at par with the changing family demographics.

2. Economies: 

The economic situation of the families in the US is not so encouraging. In some families, seniors are living separately from their immediate generation. To take care of their health and daily expenditure, they need extra income. Hence, they prefer constructing extra units attached to the original house to earn extra income.

3. Community goals: 

A community needs more housing supply. So, with the ADUs community goals are fulfilled.

VIRIDI is your best option!

  • We provide a cost-effective ADU construction service at ADU architects Burbank.
  • Our architects develop a plan following the needs of house owners. Our contractors and other technical staff give shape to the accessory unit.
  • We cater to ADU construction services in three categories. They are interior, attached, and detached.

The theme of the ADU is contemporary. You will find the required amenities inside. The design and other elements would be the highlight of our service. Thus, you can ask for a higher rental value.

Are you ready to construct an ADU? Contact us at Viridi Construction for an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles.


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