Why People Build Accessory Dwelling Units
Why People Build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)?
August 4, 2021
Looking for Sustainable Housing
Looking for Sustainable Housing?
August 19, 2021
Redefining the Landscape of Construction

Viridi construction has been straddling across all types of consumer housing segments. Right from affordable housing to luxury, this entity provides quality life spaces. This construction industry was set up a decade ago to facilitate promising opportunities in the arena of real estate and infrastructure. Our experts at the best residential architects & designers Glassell Park aims at improving the quality of life of the residential communities and we have been delivering as per the promise. This is the reason we have had an increasing trajectory as a real estate company in Los Angeles. Apart from residential, we deal with commercial and retail sectors involving real estate and construction. Major activities are:

  • Land identification
  • Acquisition
  • Project planning
  • Designing
  • Project execution
  • Estate management, etc.

We always aspire to delight customers by providing the space matching their requirements. Innovation is our top priority thereby you can expect exceptional living space for you. We really have left an indelible mark on the housing construction area. Since we work in the best interests of customers, it can be proudly stated that we have redefined the landscape of construction. So, if you want to construct a new house or upgrade your residencies, we will meet your needs right away. Our service is to empower you by giving a proper breathable space where you can attach yourself physically and emotionally. We hope you appreciate our construction initiative and feel proud to contact us at commercial architects in Oxnard.