Construct a Home Matching to your Lifestyle
Construct a Home Matching to your Lifestyle
November 23, 2020
Outsourcing Construction Service
Outsourcing Construction Service
November 23, 2020
Remodeling Houses for Senior Citizen

Viridi construction is known for constructing special featured homes.We have constructed some houses for the elite and  some homes  for the lower-income groups. Similarly, we are ready to construct homes for senior citizens. If the house is already there, we will remodel it as per the needs of senior citizens. To suit the senior people, our architects develop a layout comprising the ease of access and free movement inside and outside the house. We do it because senior people require somebody’s assistance or otherwise develop the house in a manner that they can manage their own movement without depending on anybody. Our effort is to add a new lease of life into the lives of the aged. Have a brief on our remodeling needs that we look into on behalf of senior citizens:

● Wheelchair access
● Ramps & chair lift to the stairs
● Open floor plan
● Handrails at steps & staircases
● Wide door to have easy access
● Non-slippery flooring
● Lever style door handle
● Bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor
● Grab bars in the bathroom
● Kitchen platform at a lower level
● Medicine chest near to the bed

Besides, we will ensure the presence of sensors for switching on and off for lights and fans. The advantage is that with our remodeling option, seniors can leave a peaceful life. Even if you are young, you can plan and invest for your future. Because one day you have to witness the age-related issues and the immune and physical system might not be in your favor. If required, we will construct and infuse a voice detector, panic button, security alarm system, and computer-assisted TV programming. Hope you could understand the needs of senior citizens. If you want to invest in this regard, please contact Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 a contractor for remodelling houses for the senior citizens in Atwater Village