Second Floor Addition

A lot hinges on the first floor are needed for adding a second floor. Understandably, the first floor must have the due structural strength so that it would pave way for constructing a second floor. People look for adding a second floor to deal with space constraints or to earn extra income through rent. Contact us at Viridi Construction for second-floor addition services near Atwater Village. In this case, our architects and structural engineers will assess the possible impact on the first floor if a second floor is to be developed. Further, there might be a need for adding extra beams to the walls and ceiling of the existing home. Poles might be added, it all depends on the report of the building inspection. We also assess the strength of the foundation. This is a brief feasibility study before the construction of the second floor.

If the feasibility study allows constructing a second floor, then the obvious need for design arises. Most probably, it is an addition to a bathroom and bedroom. However, we discuss and sort out the issues and accordingly design the layout for the second floor. As a real estate company, we have all the resources to construct the second floor. We are a recognized source to provide low-budget floor addition service.