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Site Supervision Services

As a real estate developer, Viridi construction is obligated to site supervision of a construction project. We have experienced and designated supervisors to look after the construction activities. We provide site supervision services to ensure that high-quality construction is attained. Moreover, it is ensured that construction is carried out in compliance with the technical specifications and engineering design.

A lot of investment goes into construction. Hence, there should be some sort of responsibility to ensure that overall construction takes place as per the agreements of the contract documents. Of course, we do site supervision services for our construction project. Besides, as a third party, we also provide site supervision services in order to demonstrate the efficacy of contract and construction.

At Viridi Construction for contact agent home developers Montecito Heights, we have an organized construction supervision team. The responsibility of this supervising team is to assist project managers in the supervision of construction activities. A brief on the responsibilities discharged through site supervision are:

  • To assess quantity measurements as mentioned in the contract documents
  • To check the safety aspect of construction work
  • To monitor quality control daily
  • To advise the project manager in case there is any dispute related to compensation
  • To review the detailed work program of the contractor, etc.