Harness Solar Energy on Rooftop
Harness Solar Energy on Rooftop
October 22, 2020
The Most Sought After Source for Construction of New Home
Viridi Construction – The Most Sought After Source for Construction of New Home
October 22, 2020
Solar Panel Maintenance Service

In the present scenario, industrial establishments and residential societies prefer solar arrays to
bypass power outage issues. Now solar power panels are a norm rather than an option. However,
just installing the solar panel will not meet the purpose. Rather it requires proper operation and
maintenance for which periodic checks are required. Taking this inevitable need into
consideration, we provide maintenance service at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 for
commercial solar panel installation near Lake Balboa. Our objective is to ensure the optimal
performance of the solar panel so that the consumers will get secure energy. Now the obvious
question is on the frequency of solar panel check and maintenance. It depends on:

● Type of solar panel installation
● System configuration
● Location of commercial solar power system

Additionally, we perform yearly inspections. In order to conduct solar panel operation and maintenance,
we have qualified installers and technicians. These professionals have the technical know-how
on photovoltaic components and the contextual safety procedures. To ensure proper maintenance
service, we carry out the following activities:

● Visual inspections
● Verification of the PV systems
● Initiating correct actions
● Monitoring the corrective actions initiated

Go through our maintenance packages offered by us. Here we offer regular cleaning of solar
cells and photovoltaic panels. Moreover, the maintenance of thermal-based components is
conducted regularly. Similarly, other aspects that are considered related to maintenance are:

● Servicing of HT side equipment
● Tracing of IV curves
● Retro-commissioning
● The measure of earth value

Besides, we monitor energy production and analyze key performance indicators continuously.
Finally, if you want your solar panel installation to be monitored and maintained for optimal
performance, do contact us at Viridi Construction (562) 285-3377 for residential solar panels
installation near Eagle Rock, CA.