Why are accessory dwelling units high in demand?

With the increase in population day-by-day, housing is high in demand. Though there might be an adequate supply of houses, they are out of reach for a common person. It indicates a lack of affordable homes.

Even, there is an issue with people having more family members. They need extra space for their comfortable living. Also, some middle-class families require extra income.

The solution: build an ADU!

Having the basic requirements to occupy like any other home is very simple. In America, there is a high demand for this ADU for many reasons. To meet these requirements, we provide affordable ADU design services in Los Feliz. Our contractors will develop a blueprint for constructing ADU comprising:

● Square footage in the range of 600-1200

● Kitchen

● Living area

● Separate entrance, etc.

The end product would be an ideal home for the necessary. It is an extra unit that is attached to an existing home. Besides, if you have shreds or a garage, let us know. These places also can be converted into a nice ADU unit.

We have vast experience in constructing ADUs. We also have the requisite workforce to handle many ADU unit demands. Our experts take care of the interior decor as per the need of the clients.

Our effort is to develop the ADU having the facility of natural sunlight and proper ventilation for the free flow of wind. We develop ADU with a standard design that is trendy in the market.

Nonetheless, you can discuss with us at Viridi Construction Inc (562) 285-3377 for ADU contractors near Woodland Hills CA.


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